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Diversity Summit 2018

Youth Development Foundation YDF organized Diversity Summit 2018 / Closing Ceremony of the Diversity Camp for Interfaith Harmony Project at Ali Institute of Education, Shahrah-e-Roomi, Ferozepur Road, Lahore on January 27 to mark World Interfaith Harmony 2018. More than 320 people including volunteers, students from different colleges / universities, social activists, religious leaders and representatives of civil society participated in the event which showcased speeches by educationists, peace activists as well as religious leaders. Peace songs lightened mood of the youth gathering which cheered seeing their memories in the documentary of Diversity Camp project, also screened at the event. More than 10 alumni with best SAPs were awarded with shields. Mr. Karamat Jameel President YDF urged the youth to energize their efforts for social cohesion in his inaugurating speech. “I thank you for your commitment. Our country is facing a fragile situation and everybody must play their role in society. The culture of peace and tolerance is the only solution. The diversity in Pakistan needs to be explored,” he said Several speakers cited verses from different religions which urged protection of the vulnerable in society including women and religious minorities. The speeches Mr. Irfan Mufti Deputy Director, South Asia Partnership-Pakistan, urged youth to register and cast their vote as well as visit the vulnerable and attacked communities in the country. “We are not failed as a nation and as a race. Top laboratories of the world have Pakistani scientists and doctors. Our students top in GCE O Level exams. Mohenjodaro was one of the most important early cities of Indus valley civilization at the time when people were learning how to live on earth,” he said.


27th January 2018