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Commissioner Karachi at Diversity Celebration

The Diversity Celebration 2017 was organized by Youth Development Foundation at Hotel Regent Plaza. A report of this event published in Dawn Newspaper is as following: Commissioner Karachi Ejaz Ahmed Khan on Saturday reiterated his commitment to promote interfaith harmony and tolerance in the metropolis. He also invited religious leaders from different faiths to work towards bringing people together through the message of peace common in all faiths while speaking at the Diversity Celebration 2017. The celebration was organized by Youth Development Foundation (YDF) at a hotel in the metropolis. The Diversity Celebration brought together religious scholars from different faiths, students from diverse backgrounds, local government officials and members of civil society organisations. The event was held to mark the end of ‘Diversity Camps’ during which around 450 youth visited religious houses of different faiths. Religious leaders from different faiths also passed on messages of peace and acceptance and reiterated that interfaith harmony was essential for peaceful coexistence. They also said that steps need to be taken to promote it in every neighbourhood and locality of the country. “YDF has been organising diversity camps throughout the country, where we see thousands of youth from different religious backgrounds connect and understand each other,” said Executive Director YDF Shahid Rehmat. “In today’s world where people are constantly being pushed apart based on their differences, any occasion to bring people together should be celebrated,” added Rehmat.


1st April 2017